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Our new Driver Training Program has already proven successful in meeting two key mandates.

The first was developing drivers that understood that being a professional driver was much more than simply being able to drive a truck legally. It also meant understanding all parts of truck maintenance, road safety, client service and accepting the accountability to do it right every day and on every trip.

The second mandate was to do so in an environment that was built on loyalty and trust and that provided the same level of respect to the driver trainee that was afforded anyone in our workforce. An environment where people felt valued and where it felt like a home and a career, not a job.

Truck driver training centre

The seven month intensive program prepares prospective drivers for a career on the road and gets them up on every aspect of their new career choice including technology. The heightened communication and access to information with in cab technology from PeopleNet has changed the face of transportation.

Technology is a key part of our training program

Recently, PeopleNet was integrated to allow the new technology to support our Driver Training Program, measuring and mentoring drivers in all areas of safe driving. It now tracks all driver activities in real time from speeding to hard braking as well as green initiatives like RPM use, fuel mileage and idling time. With full-time monitoring of this data daily, training and corrections can be provided in live time, ensuring drivers meet all company Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

As a result, a new driver remuneration bonus program was created to better reward drivers exceeding specific company goals. Reductions in fuel and maintenance costs are the goal, with tangible results supporting investment in the program. With fuel a major expense for carriers, a new project is underway to look at how our operation or purchasing could be adjusted to allow for cost reductions in this area.

Truck driver training centre

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For more information on our Driver Training Program, please contact:

Email: dave@crstrucking.com

Drivers now enjoy GPS mapping, improved communication with dispatch and trip planning tools. Clients now have the ability to pinpoint product locations and access accurate arrival times.
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