Safety Goes hand-in-hand with service

Well-trained drivers and a properly maintained trucking fleet are essential to the safe delivery of your food products

Both CRS and DBU have on-site shop facilities with licensed mechanics and assistants. We share a proven preventative maintenance program to ensure our fleet is maintained to a high standard of safety and reliability.

Ongoing training ensures a safe operation, including fuel saving driving tips and update sessions to better understand our state-of-the-art technology from PeopleNet.

Safety standards & practices

  • An onsite safety coordinator & loss prevention representative
  • Strict and comprehensive hiring process
  • Specialized training for the handling of food products and orientation
  • A very close working relationship with our insurance provider
Trucking safety and maintenance

Safety is paramount

We have an obligation to keep the members of our team safe. This mandate includes those sharing the roads with our driving professionals… coast to coast.

Unique to the trucking industry is our recognized in-house driver training program

This seven month intensive program was instituted as a proactive approach to driver recruitment and served as an additional training resource for existing drivers. Our drivers not only represent the face of our company, they need to be skilled in several areas.

Required driver training & skills

  • The safe and secure handling of food products
  • Fuel saving driving strategies
  • Utilization of in-cab technologies for route planning, trip planning and communication
  • Interacting with customers in a professional and courteous manner